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Fillip 6 (Summer 2007)

  1. The Penalty for Perfidy / Maria Fusco

    The boy boarded a red bus that was heading into the town centre. Really, it was a very short journey, easily walked, but he thought that his view from the bus window would be a much more dramatic and fitting frame to his adventure.

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  2. There is little respect for those who claim that Superman is not Clark Kent: Fiction, Criticism, and the Art of Anti-Suspense / Maria Fusco

    The bridge between fiction writing and visual art making is a wide one, too broad in fact to traverse with surefooted assurance. Increasingly, I’ve become interested in fiction that positions “anti-suspense” as its primary creative process and how this type of writing may be utilized to probe readers’ attitudes towards their presence within contemporary art criticism.

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  3. Basin Climbing: An Interview with Mountain School of Arts / Piero Golia and Eric Wesley

    Fillip has a conversation with Mountain School of Arts about their curriculum, vision, and location.

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  4. (Find us at the kitchen door) at unitednationsplaza / Hadley+Maxwell

    The unp as an institution is dynamic and fragile. It evokes an educational institution, but it does so by saying it in the manner of Herman Melville’s Bartleby, “I would prefer not to.”

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  5. Rethinking a History of Tokyo Art Speak / Makiko Hara

    Tokyo Art Speak was an autonomous movement formed by a group of people in Tokyo between 1993 and 1997 and then again between 2004 and 2006. Its mandate was to change the present situation of art and its institutions through critical thinking and by questioning authority.

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  6. Vasif Kortun: Istanbul qua Istanbul / Vasif Kortun and Matthew Schum

    Vasif Kortun has helped to define contemporary art in Turkey and abroad. Here, Kortun describes what working as a new curator meant in the early 1990s, as art became more global due to biennials like Istanbul’s, how his city has changed since then.

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  7. Beneath the Hotel, the Beach / François Perrin

    Fillip talks to Los Angeles based architect François Perrin about Air Hotel, a site specific installation produced in collaboration with Mountain School of Arts.

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  8. A Pedagogical Turn: Brief Notes on Education as Art / Kristina Lee Podesva

    Let us begin with the simplest proposition that education as a form of art making constitutes a relatively new medium. It is distinct from projects that take education and its institution, the academy, as a subject or facilitator of production and is worth examining in more detail.

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  9. Don't Take Any Jobs / Matthew Stadler

    This is a story about collaboration gone wrong. It begins when a literary journal asks Matthew Stadler to write an essay for them. It ends in tears, when Matthew fails to write an acceptable draft and turns to a Mechanical Turk for help.

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  10. Reading Notes for Don't Take Any Jobs / Matthew Stadler
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  11. From "Notes from the Center on Public Policy" / Mark Wallace
    Casual remarks could forsake a throbbing at the back of the eyes, plead it down to a misdemeanor or even an apology, or leave only a membrane in a darkened hallway reciting clichés in a search for belief. read article

Artist Projects

  1. The Sentence is the Page Number / Micah Lexier
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Publisher: Jonathan Middleton
Editors: Jordan Strom & Kristina Lee Podesva
Managing Editor: Jeff Khonsary
Art Director: Jeff Khonsary
Copy Editor: Paloma Campbell

Edition: 1500 copies
Printing: Benwell Atkins, Vancouver
Distribution: Emma Marion (British Columbia), Speedimpex (Canada), Selectair (Australia)


This project would not have been possible without the support of Black Dog Publishing, Kristopher Lindskoog, Brigitte Freybe, Scott Watson, Antonia Hirsch, Ian Wallace, John O’Brian. Additional thanks to AA Bronson, Savannah Gorton, Alejandro Cesarco, Carly Busta, Kathy Slade, Ceci Moss, Gavin Everall, James Brook, Jacob Fabricius, Colby Chamberlain, Sara Callahan, Geoffrey Farmer, Markus Miessen, Mauricio Guillen, Rhonda Corvese, Gesa Pölert, Hans Hammarskiöld, Molly Klais, Hadley Howes and Maxwell Stephens, Dieter Roelstraete, Monika Szewczyk.