Fillip — Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fillip?

Fillip is a Vancouver-based publishing organization that expands spaces for critical discussions on contemporary art. Through publications and a public programme, Fillip provides platforms for examining the relationship between art and society.

Who is Fillip?

Fillip is an editorial collective of six art historians, writers, editors, critics, designers, artists, and curators: Jaclyn Arndt, Jeff Khonsary, Sohrab Mohebbi, Jenifer Papararo, Antonia Pinter, Eric Stone. This collective determines the editorial direction of Fillip projects and works directly with writers and artists to realize projects in collaboration with Artistic Director Jeff Khonsary and Editorial Supervisor Kate Woolf.

Fillip magazine (2005—2015) operated under the editorial direction of Jordan Strom (2005—2009) and Kristina Lee Podesva (2007—2015).

How is content chosen for publishing? Do you take submissions?

Fillip’s content is chosen by its editorial collective. Members of this group, the editorial board, solicit and review submissions to be included in Fillip’s editorial programme. All texts enter into a rigorous process of assessment in which one or two editors work with a contributor for as many as three rounds of editing and two rounds of copy editing to ensure the highest possible quality of text and research.

You can submit formal proposals via e-mail to Although we cannot respond to all submissions, all proposals we receive are brought before the editorial staff for deliberation.

Does Fillip have an internship or work experience program?

Fillip offers internships through its Vancouver office. We offer internships for editors, designers, writers, and artists who are interested in furthering Fillip’s goals as a conduit for in-depth criticism and cultural discourse. Placements typically range from a few weeks to several months and offer unique opportunities to participate in the operations of a contemporary art publishing organization. You can submit a CV and/or portfolio to for consideration. Our staff will respond to suitable candidates promptly.

What events does Fillip run?

Fillip programs events throughout the year in relation to artists and works featured in our current projects. These events and activities include international conferences such as “Judgment and Criticism” (2009), “Intangible Economies” (2011), and “Institutions by Artists” (2012), which were subsequently documented in our Folio series anthologies. Fillip also hosts talks in locations around the world. Past and upcoming events are listed here.

What does “fillip” mean?

The word “fillip” means to strike a soft blow or to hit in a non-violent way, as a stimulant. Literally, it is the action that results when one puts pressure with one’s index finger upon one’s thumb until the pressure is so great that the finger releases with a snap. Fillip was chosen as a moniker for the magazine in relation to this gentle provocative motion and as a double entendre using a common first name, serving as a timely and tongue-in-cheek response to other publications like the (now-defunct) art magazines Lola and Charley.

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