Fillip — Folios

Institutions by Artists: Volume 1
Edited by Jeff Khonsary and Kristina Lee Podesva

Artist-run initiatives in North America provide a space for the presentation and legitimization of experimental work and for the assertion of socially progressive and politically radical ideas and questions. In making such spaces available, artist-run initiatives have operated alternately as flash points for heated debates and controversies, as well as platforms for social understanding. Institutions by Artists: Volume One presents a collection of texts addressing the performance and promise of contemporary global artist-run centres and initiatives within the historical contexts that saw their emergence.

The texts address centres in Amman (Jordan), Brisbane (Australia), Vancouver (Canada), Zurich (Switzerland), Tokyo (Japan), and Barcelona (Spain), among others. The book is published as part of Fillip’s ongoing Folio Series, which presents anthologies of new and previously published essays on international contemporary art.

11.2 × 18.71 cm
384 Pages, Softcover
ISBN: 97-1-927354-02-5
First Edition (2012)
English / French
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  1. Matei Bejenaru, Livia Pancu, and Kristina Lee Podesva: Via Satellite
  2. Vincent Bonin: Here, Bad News Always Arrives Too Late
  3. Barnaby Drabble: We Want Everything: Assembled Thoughts on Artist-led Culture in Zürich
  4. Ola El-Khalidi and Diala Khasawnih: Gastronomica Makan
: An Ongoing Conversation
  5. Michèle Faguet: A Brief Account of Two Artist-Run Spaces
  6. Makiko Hara: Rethinking a History of Tokyo Art Speak
  7. Kenny Cupers, Markus Miessen, Magnus Nilsson, Ralf Pflugfelder, and Patricia Reed: Architectural Space as Agent
  8. Jeffrey Swartz: Space-Run Artists: Art Activism and Urban Conflict in Contemporary Barcelona
  9. Keith Wallace: Artist-Run Centres in 
Vancouver: A Reflection on Three Texts
  10. Pan Wendt: Social Fabric