Fillip — Folios

Folio A: Judgment and Contemporary Art Criticism
Edited by Jeff Khonsary and Melanie O’Brian

Judgment and Contemporary Art Criticism examines the efficacy and function of art criticism. It is the result of a two-day public forum in 2009, co-organized by Fillip and Artspeak, that brought together artists, writers, critics, and cultural practitioners from across Canada and Europe.

This publication and includes full transcripts of the discussions held there, alongside feature essays and an extensive bibliography.

Co-published with Artspeak, Vancouver.

11.2 × 18.71 cm
176 Pages, Softcover
ISBN: 978-0-9738133-6-4
First Edition (2010)
  1. Judgment and Contemporary Art Criticism: Keynote
  2. Judgment and Contemporary Art Criticism: Panel One
  3. Judgment and Contemporary Art Criticism: Panel Two
  4. Jeff Derksen: Times and Places of Critique
  5. Diedrich Diederichsen: Judgment, Objecthood, Temporality
  6. James Elkins: Judgment and Contemporary Art Criticism: Afterword
  7. Maria Fusco: Say Who I Am / Or a Broad Private Wink
  8. Jeff Khonsary and Melanie O'Brian: Judgment and Contemporary Art Criticism: Preface
  9. Sven Lütticken: A Tale of Two Criticisms
  10. Tom Morton: Three or Four Types of Intimacy
  11. Kristina Lee Podesva: Between the Question Mark and the Comma
  12. William Wood: Notes on the Demise and Persistence of Judgment
  13. Tirdad Zolghadr: Worse than Kenosis
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