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Slide Shows at X Marks the Bökship

October 19, 2013, 7 pm / Fillip is pleased to announce a special launch and screening for Slide Shows at X Marks the Bökship, London.

Released in conjunction with Issue 18 of Fillip magazine, the booklet Slide Shows documents a specially commissioned Web video project by French curator Charlotte Cheetham on the landscape of international art publishing and design. Originally taking the form of a series of video presentations by publishers, designers, and artists, Slide Shows offers one possible cross section of a newly emergent field of book production. This publication documents the project, serving as a pocket reference to each of the profiles included in the series.

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Institutions by Artists: Session Four

April 14, 2014 / In the context of decreased public funding for the arts in North America and Europe as well as the nearly non-existent financial support elsewhere for the arts, ad hoc, small-scale, temporary, and often nomadic institutions created by artists have taken root in unanticipated sites, appearing in domestic or appropriated spaces that rely upon the collected resources and relationships of artist networks for their survival. Whether through organizational structures or modes of operation, these artist-run initiatives have constructed institutional armatures through largely if not exclusively informal means. Presenters in this session will survey the practices and strategies of artist-run initiatives that involve or encourage intimate institution building grounded in expanded notions of family, kinship, club, and neighbourhood, among other social forms.