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Fillip Library and Reading Room Launch
August 26th, 2009

Fillip proudly announces the opening of its library and reading room on Wednesday, August 26, 2009.

The Fillip Library is an expanding collection of new and rare contemporary art books, magazines, critical anthologies, and pamphlets. Beginning September 2009, the collection will be open weekly to the public every Friday from 12pm to 7pm and by appointment.

The books and magazines in the Library have been donated by individuals and organizations from North America, Europe, and Asia since Fillip began in 2004. The collection also incorporates material from the Judgment and Contemporary Art Criticism Reading Room developed in conjunction with Artspeak last spring.

Inquiries regarding donations and publication exchanges can be directed to Contributions can be sent to Fillip Library, 305 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC. V6B 2N4.

For more information, see:

Launch & Talk with Felicity Tayler of Artexte
Fillip is kicking off the launch of the Library with a talk at 7pm by Felicity Tayler, Information Specialist for Artexte, Montréal.

Artexte is a non-profit organization founded in 1980. It’s collection, unique in Canada, reflects publishing initiatives in contemporary art. The collection documents all aspects of visual arts from 1965 to today with a particular focus on Québec and Canada. Artexte collects, stores and makes accessible this material online and onsite and uses it as inspiration for further study, interpretation and dissemination activities such as a researcher in residency program, conferences, symposiums, and exhibitions. Artexte also publishes a series of monographs and anthologies and in January 2009, launched the first issue of a bibliographic review, Supplement.

Tayler will present the origins of the Artexte through the lens of book culture and information sharing in contemporary art.

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