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The AAAARG Library
November 4th, 2010 – November 7th, 2010

Fillip is pleased to present The AAAARG Library, a project specially commissioned for the 2010 New York Art Book Fair.

Since 2005, AAAARG has served as an online research tool for tens of thousands of students, educators, curators, and artists seeking access to books and essays on critical theory, art, architecture, and film. Developed around a near-10,000-item printed card catalogue that indexes the content of the AAAARG Web site, the Library creates a temporary, participatory space for the free redistribution of textual material. The AAAARG Library will exist alongside the paid economy of the Fair, offering an extra-institutional space that will develop through a symbiotic (rather than an oppositional) relationship to the systems of exchange that structure the Fair.

During the course of the three day event, a librarian will be on staff in Fillip’s project room (I01) to fulfill book requests using the material available on AAAARG. A computer and scanner will also be on location enabling patrons of the Library to share material with the communities of both the Book Fair and AAAARG. Exhibiting publishers are strongly encouraged to submit material to the Library and may do so at any time during the project.

The AAAARG Library was commissioned by Fillip as an artist project by Sean Dockray for its 13th issue, to be released in winter of 2011. It continues Fillip’s ongoing interest in the alternative forms of distribution and economic exchange that have developed around contemporary international art publishing. The project is curated by Fillip publisher Jeff Khonsary.

New York Art Book Fair
November 5-7, 2010
MoMA PS1, 22-25 Jackson Ave.
Long Island City, NY

Open Edition Multiple

Fillip is also pleased to offer the AAAARG Library Card Catalogue as an editioned multiple available for purchase as long as the AAAARG community exists online. The edition will be produced on demand and will reflect the current contents of the AAAARG database. The price of the edition will be based on the number of items contained within this database. A portion of the profits from the sale of the Catalogue will be used to fund a new AAAARG translation project.

For inquires, please contact


AAAARG is a platform for the distribution of critical discourse outside of an institutional framework. Begun in 2005, AAAARG operates through an open community of artists, curators, and scholars who help collect and circulate an ever-increasing catalogue of critical, theoretical, and philosophical texts.

Event History
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  15. John C. Welchman on Paul McCarthy’s Pirate Project
  16. David Horvitz Artist Talk
  17. Mark Manders: Window with Fake Newspapers and Traducing Ruddle
  18. Getting Something Into One's Head
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